The wait to return to Sutter Creek is over!

It’s been a long haul since Sutter Creek #1 was released (fifteen months!) – thanks for hanging in there! Hopefully the hints of a connection between Cadie and Zach that threaded through From Exes to Expecting were enough to keep you hooked for book two, A Father for Her Child. The wait matches the hero’s predicament, really – Zach’s been in love with Cadie for seven years, watching from the sidelines as she fell for and married his best friend. And after an avalanche killed her husband and tore her life apart, Zach was there every step of the way through her pregnancy and the first year of her son’s life.

When he breaks his leg on the job, the ski-patrol director’s best chance at healing is Cadie’s physical therapy expertise. Providing his therapy gives her the chance to pay him back for his ongoing support with her son. But Zach’s not the only one who needs to heal. Will the close proximity – and Zach’s unfailing love – bring these two wounded souls together?



Sweat dripped from his forehead into the chestnut-brown hair at his temples. A stability ball and a set of small hand weights lay within arm’s reach. His crutches leaned against the pristine mirror. He’d lost some muscle mass since his accident. But not so much that he didn’t have women virtually lining up outside the door to his apartment, offering to take care of him.

As if casseroles and doe-eyed sympathy would magically heal him.

No, he needed rehab. Specifically, her skill set. Which meant no more salivating over the way his thin T-shirt was currently plastered to his perfect abs. Not if she wanted him as a client.

Business, Cadie. To get what she needed—and to facilitate what Zach needed—it was time to work some emotional sleight of hand.


Available now at your favourite retailer! Click here for purchase links. Or if you want to dive in now, Chapter One is yours to read.

Happy reading! Once you’re done, hop over to Pinterest to check out the visual inspiration for A Father for Her Child. If Zach and Cadie’s journey to love resonates, please consider leaving a review on Goodreads or with your retailer. And as always, I’d love to hear from you – tweet at me or message me on Instagram or Facebook.

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