Lights, Camera…Wedding? Cover Reveal

Not one, but two new covers! The US and UK covers for Lights, Camera…Wedding are both delicious hints at Bea and Brody’s fake relationship, best-friends-to-lovers, wedding-of-convenience romance.

A pretend wedding should be easy.
So why do her groom’s kisses mean faking it is impossible?

Fledgling florist Bea Halloran has banked her reputation and love life on her upcoming reality TV Christmas wedding. When her fiancé walks out, she is terrified her business will go belly-up. But Bea’s best friend, Brody Emerson, steps in as the fake groom, relieving her…and making her feel passion she barely recognizes. And Brody’s smoldering glances and knee-weakening kisses might just put their platonic vows to the test…

“If this was a blockbuster rom-com, I’d hire an escort to stand in as my groom.” She could see it put to film, her inevitably cast as a manic pixie dream girl, showing up with a delicious Marvel superhero actor on her arm. He’d subsequently charm the production team, her family and her—eventually into bed, please and thank you, given she was a sucker for biceps and self-deprecating humor…


She whipped her gaze toward Brody, who had a wrist on the steering wheel and a hand on the shifter.

He had biceps and self-deprecating humor. He could charm a production team, and her family already loved him.

And as long as it was clear she didn’t expect him to tumble with her into bed, and his obligations would end the minute the cameras stopped rolling…

A flash of inspiration burned away some of her dread.

“Brody, will you marry me?”

Lights, Camera… Wedding? is a standalone with an HEA and can be read by itself or enjoyed as part of the Sutter Creek miniseries. Wedding bells will ring on November 29, 2022! Preorder your copy today and reserve your seat at the Sutter Creek wedding of the year.

Sutter Creek, Montana

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