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What to Expect When She’s Expecting (Sutter Creek, Montana)

This is one fire he never wants to extinguish

Since childhood, firefighter Graydon Halloran has been secretly in love with Alejandra Brooks Flores. Now, with Aleja working as the building contractor near to where he’s staying, it’s becoming impossible for Gray to hide his feelings. But Aleja’s situation is complicated. She’s pregnant with IUI twins and she isn’t looking for love. Can Gray convince his lifelong crush that he can make her dreams come true?

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Want to know what to expect from What to Expect When She’s Expecting? It’s the return to Sutter Creek you’ve been waiting for, but it’s a standalone, so you can dive right in with:

🚒 A smoking hot firefighter hero who…

🔥 …is a cinnamon roll like no other. (How is there no cinnamon bun emoji? This seems like something Romancelandia needs.)

🛠️ A determined, hella-talented contractor heroine

🤰 👶🏽👶🏽 An IUI twin pregnancy

💗 Best friend’s younger brother

❤️🧀 Valentine’s Day cheese (literal and figurative)

🐾 A rascally German Wirehaired Pointer puppy

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