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Saved By the Bid

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At Sutter Creek, Montana’s annual buy-a-bachelor fundraiser, all bids are off.

Ski patroller Mackenzie Fitzgerald buys a date with her boss, Andrew Dawson, to rescue him from an ex-girlfriend’s overactive auction paddle. The romantic night that follows is anything but platonic, stoking a flame she’s been trying to put out for years. Mackenzie must find a way to add ‘lover’ to ‘boss and friend’, or risk her position on the mountain she loves – and her heart.



She glanced at him with the careful, not-too-long, not-too-short way she’d perfected. “If you want me to take the auction on next year, too, I will.”

He blanched a little under his perpetual tan and ran a hand into his travel-mussed dark hair. “No. I’ve got it.”

“Drew.” Screw it. She really needed to hold him for a few seconds. She wrapped her arms around his waist. “Stop trying to run the world.”

“Just my corner of it.” His chin settled on top of her head and he sighed, clasping her to his chest.

Oh. Oh, shit, her cheek liked using his chest as a pillow way too much.


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