Ready for your next cinnamon roll hero?

What to Expect When She’s Expecting  (releasing June 28) is the steamy small-town romance you’ve been waiting for with:

🚒 A smoking hot firefighter hero who…

🔥 …is a cinnamon roll like no other. (How is there no cinnamon bun emoji? This seems like something Romancelandia needs.)

🛠️ A determined, hella-talented contractor heroine

🤰 👶🏽👶🏽 An IUI twin pregnancy

💗 Best friend’s younger brother

❤️🧀 Valentine’s Day cheese (literal and figurative)


🐾 A rascally German Wirehaired Pointer puppy

Book 8 in the Sutter Creek, Montana miniseries from Harlequin Special Edition, but it’s a standalone so you can dive right in to Graydon and Alejandra’s story – no need to start from the beginning. Preorder today to be delivered the moment it’s available on June 28, 2022

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