Sutter Creek #2 Has a Title!

Drum roll… Zach and Cadie’s book is officially A FATHER FOR HER CHILD!

It suits. Series romance depends on putting themes right up front in the title so that the reader knows the promise of the book. Though there are a number of popular tropes in Zach and Cadie’s book (best friend’s widow, survivor’s guilt, second chance at love) the overarching story is about a single mom trying to rebuild her life, and falling for the sexy, dependable ski patrol director who has been a rock to both her and her baby since her husband died.

I can’t wait to see what the cover department creates! Poorly hidden secret: Zach is my favorite hero to date in the Sutter Creek series. I mean, Tavish was my first love. And book three’s hero, Caleb, made me work harder to write him than any hero who came before him, so I find him rather irresistible, too. But Zach… he came along in From Exes to Expecting with his charming grin and staunch sense of honour (and he’s Canadian, everyone – I can’t help waving the Maple Leaf a little), and I was a goner. I had to write his story, and no one would do for him but Cadie, and vice versa. Their journey through grief made me cry. And I’m not a crier when I write… (TV commercials? Sporting competitions? Particularly poignant cereal box copy? I weep. But not my own writing.)

Until the cover release, come join me over on Pinterest, where I have a page for A Father For her Child on the go! (As well as From Exes to Expecting and a general one for Sutter Creek, plus more!) And don’t forget – newsletter subscribers have exclusive access to Saved by the Bid chapters! Mackenzie and Andrew will be getting their HEA in May of 2019, after I torture them for a couple more months. Sign up here.

The minute I get my cover, I’ll post it here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, in my newsletter (okay – everywhere. I’ll post it everywhere. Covers are the most exciting thing.)

Until then, happy reading!

Photo Credit: © Lenar Nigmatullin 

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