Series-Length Contemporary

Spend a summer in Sutter Creek, Montana, where the staff of Wild Life Adventures discover that taking a second chance on love is the greatest adventure of all.


Homebody physician Lauren Dawson thought she was done facing Tavish Fitzgerald across a church aisle. Her secret Vegas marriage to the nomadic photojournalist ended in divorce last summer and she’s successfully avoided him since. But when Lauren’s brother and Tavish’s sister get engaged, Tavish and Lauren have to play nice for their families’ sakes in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Realizing they still love each other is easy. Reconciling their miles-apart definitions of “home” is harder. Will their undeniable attraction, and the unexpected pregnancy that follows, be enough to convince them the SECOND TIME’S THE CHARM?

Single-Title Contemporary

Come cheer for the NHL’s Vancouver Renegades as they navigate the flip side of fame while falling in love.

Natalie Fraser wants her marketing job with the Vancouver Renegades back. Not being able to set foot in the Renegades’ arena without having a panic attack? Itty bitty issue. And when her plan to face her anxiety by faking a relationship with her brother’s blockbuster-actor best friend leads to real romantic sparks, she must decide if she’s willing to take the ultimate step: falling in love.

Recovering from shoulder surgery while maintaining sobriety? Problematic. Saving the family summer camp from ruin? A challenge. But for defenseman Gage Fraser, nothing stretches him to the breaking point like resisting his desire for his late wife’s cousin.

Superstar forward Callum Walsh decides it’s time to come out as bisexual, and giving an exclusive to an openly gay sports reporter is his best bet at managing the inevitable media explosion. Falling in love with the guy, though? Not part of the plan.