Soundtrack – A Father for Her Child

I always make a playlist for my stories, and Zach and Cadie’s was a particularly easy arc to match up with music and lyrics. I wrote a full blog post over on Romancing the Blog, but thought I’d repost the ‘liner notes’ here, too. Scroll down for the Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

1. Miranda Lambert – Tin Man

Cadie’s opening song. Her heart’s already broken, and she doesn’t want to risk that again. She’ll move forward by working her ass off building her new PT practice and by being a stellar mom, but she’s not falling in love again.

2. Brad Paisley – Gold All Over the Ground

Zach’s opening song. He’s buried his forbidden feelings for Cadie, but agreeing to be her physical therapy client threatens to expose them.

3. Bethany Mota – Flashlight

Cadie might not want to fall in love again, but being able to rely on Zach got her through her darkest times. Can she rely on him to be a refuge for her heart?

4. Keith Urban – Break on Me

This is another perfect song for how Zach feels. He wants to be her sounding board, her support, her safe place. But once they kiss, he can no longer hide how much more he wants.

5. Brantley Gilbert –  In My Head

Gotta have a post-sexy-times song…

6. Sam Hunt – Make You Miss Me

Alright, so full admission, I love Zach the most. And part of it is his tenacity. He’s dedicated and devoted – one of the reasons he earned himself a gold medal at the Olympics. And once he loves, he doesn’t let go.

7. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

No spoilers, but there’s a scene at the end of the book that takes place on a mountain, and this version of “Hallelujah” encapsulates the mood.

8. Lindi Ortega – Fall Down or Fly

As Cadie falls in live with Zach, she has to decide to risk again. This song is all about taking a second chance.

9. Dustin Christensen – Save Each Other

I always love a hero and heroine finding healing and wholeness in each other.

10. Anne Buckle and Dustin Christensen – Endless Days

And finishing it off with a happily-ever-after song about dreams coming true and spending your life with the person you love… 

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