Cover Reveal: Turnabout!

Glasses vs. beard. Suit vs. Flannel. Will these letterpress nerds get a second chance to make a forever impression?

I cannot wait to get Carter and Auden into your hands! They’re everything I ever wanted to put into a book:

✔️ A brawny Scottish bartender

✔️ Workplace shenanigans

✔️ Artisan stationery geekery

✔️ Glasses, grumpiness, and grovelling

Plus more! Giving them their second chance, and working in Carter’s interfering family and the Vino and Veritas crew was a real delight.

Here’s the cover copy and an excerpt – more to come before the May 10 release date (on Amazon and KU)! Be sure to follow my Instagram, and my Facebook profile or page to have access to every teaser, and to sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive excerpts!


I don’t have time for an unplanned visit home to help out in my father’s struggling letterpress shop. My stint in Vermont will have to be short, for a couple of reasons: 

One, I’m a busy executive trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Two, my ex is still my dad’s right-hand man in the shop. And I am not over him.

Nothing has changed at the Burlington shop. Auden still has his infuriatingly sexy Scottish accent. He’s still hot, and still stubborn. Between operating the antique press with his shirtsleeves rolled up, and moonlighting at Burlington’s hottest inclusive wine bar, he pushes every one of my attraction buttons.

My falling-in-love-again buttons, too. Except I’m his polar opposite. I love change, and taking chances. Everything he avoids in life. 

So why am I trying to convince him to reach for more than we’ve ever dreamed of—the possibility of forever?

Turnabout is a second-chance romance with interfering family, groveling, and a large helping of artisan stationery geekery. Going live on Amazon and KU May 10 – preorder now!


Auden. Carter. Walking down a snowy, silent street in Burlington in the middle of the night…

“The slang and the kilt combined? Probably gets people ordering extra drinks, just so they can look at you longer,” Carter says.

His half-smile is back. The one I don’t quite know how to interpret.

“Some nights,” I admit. “Except for when my ex-boyfriend is sitting at the end of the bar, all grumpy and hot and inexplicably possessive.

”He throws an arm in front of my chest and stops walking. “It was that hard to understand?”

I palm the top of my head, rubbing the hat Gracie knit for me against my crown. “Your mood? No. You’re torn about whether or not to stay and help. I get that. And that you’re hot? It’s not news.”

“Inexplicably possessive,” he repeats, fingering the collar of my ski jacket with a gloved hand. “I know I have no claim on you, Auden. But you want to talk hot? You. Serving drinks. I couldn’t stop watching.”

His fingers travel up, splaying on the side of my neck and brushing my jaw. Need rushes through my limbs, settling low.

I should shift away. Saying goodbye to this man tore me to pieces once. Playing around with him again could be even more disastrous, given how tied up I am with his family.

If only he didn’t smell so bloody incredible—whiskey and citrus from his drink, and hints of warm spice from whatever cologne he has on. His hand on my face brands me, even through his glove. I tilt my head to his.

Our mouths fuse, a blur of lips and groans. He fists the front of my jacket. I’m spinning. There’s hard brick behind me, and hard man in front of me. He’s not bulky like me, but damn, he’s strong. I let him take control.

I always did.

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