Soundtrack – In Service of Love

Is there anything better than a mix-tape? (So showing my age there – no regrets!) I love making soundtracks for my books, and Maggie and Asher’s emotional journey was particularly suited to a playlist. Scroll to the bottom for the Spotify list.

1. I Wish I Was (Maren Morris)

2. The Archer (Taylor Swift)

Both of these songs speak to Maggie’s belief at the beginning that she’s unable to fall in love. Little does she know…

3. Hold My Girl (George Ezra)

4. Temporary Love (Ben Platt)

These two made me think of Asher’s mindset – believing in love, trying to show Maggie she can trust him.

5. Say Goodbye (Dave Matthews)

An obligatory ‘we’ll just sleep together as friends and everything will obviously (OBVIOUSLY) go back to normal in the morning’ song…

6. Let Me Love You (Fitz and the Tantrums)

The title explains this one.

7. When I Go (Over the Rhine)

And every soundtrack needs a ‘leading up to the black moment’ number. Plus, ‘beautiful delusion’ is a gorgeous combination of words.

8. Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi)

9. Over You (Miranda Lambert)

Both wonderful and angsty for a black moment and the pit of despair…

10. Us (James Bay)

Maggie’s turning point song.

11. Sigh No More (Mumford & Sons)

The lines about love not betraying, about setting a person free, seem tailor made for Maggie.

12. Life in a Beautiful Light

And one for the HEA.

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