Their Unexpected Forever – Content Notes

Spoilers ahead, but it’s better to be safe and spoiled than uninformed and hurt!

  • Pregnancy Loss: Violet experienced two pregnancy losses and a stretch of time where she struggled to get pregnant with a previous partner. This influenced her broken engagement, and affects her experience when she gets pregnant in “present day.” She finds it hard to emotionally connect because she’s afraid of another loss.
  • Fertility Issues: Partway through the book, Violet’s ex returns to town and they finally discuss their history. She discovers that her ex has a chromosomal difference that caused their pregnancy losses and fertility issues, and her ex hid his medical history from her at the time they broke up.
  • Obstetrical Emergency: One of Violet’s midwifery clients falls and begins to bleed severely. She is airlifted to a hospital for an emergency delivery. The baby is born safely and the mother survives the surgery well, but there are tense moments. Violet faints afterward from blood sugar issues. She recovers.