Thanks for your interest in my new releases!

I’m happy to add you to my new release lists. In the future, I’ll only send you emails about my new releases, close to release day. In future months, you can expect to hear about:

1) The Turnabout audio release in March

2) Sutter Creek, Book 8: Graydon and Alejandra’s story is called WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN SHE’S EXPECTING!

Want to know what to expect from What to Expect When She’s Expecting? It’s the return to Sutter Creek you’ve been waiting for, but it’s a standalone, so you can dive right in with:

🚒 A smoking hot firefighter hero who…

🔥 …is a cinnamon roll like no other. (How is there no cinnamon bun emoji? This seems like something Romancelandia needs.)

🛠️ A determined, hella-talented contractor heroine

🤰 👶🏽👶🏽 An IUI twin pregnancy

💗 Best friend’s younger brother

❤️🧀 Valentine’s Day cheese (literal and figurative)

🐾 A rascally German Wirehaired Pointer puppy

You can preorder it today to be delivered June 28, 2022.

3) Sutter Creek, Book 9: Bea Halloran’s book – coming late November 2022: a wedding reality show and a fake relationship between best friends that’s sure to shake up this small town!