Hearts and Chocolate Valentine’s Romance Giveaway

16 Ebook & Chocolate Prize Packs Up for Grabs!  Enter Here!

Who wants to win bestselling romance books and chocolate? You do! We’ve got the prizes that will make your Valentine’s month rock. Bestsellling books from Nora Roberts, Madison Faye, Susan Mallery, Alexa Riley, K.F. Breene, Carolyn Brown, Scarlett Scott, Tracy Brogan and more. Chocolate from Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli, Ferrero Rocher & more!

No matter your favorite romance subgenre…whether you like it sweet, sexy, or steamy, we have the prize pack for you. Enter now for your chance to win!

Pick the prize sponsored by your favourite author’s team (hint: mine is number four), or to increase your chances to win a delicious and entertaining prize, enter all sixteen!

Sponsored by:

Team #1 – S.L. Sterling, Jennifer Wilck, Sarah Williams

Team #2 – Melissa McClone, Debbie White, Anne Stone

Team #3 – Zoe Dawson, Soraya Naomi, J.M. Walker

Team #4 – Joanne Dannon, Laurel Greer, Jana Richards

Team #5 – Kerri Keberly, Cara Marsi C.A. King

Team #6 – Josie Riviera, Marie James, Amanda Uhl

Team #7 – Judith Sterling, Laura A. Barnes, Elizabeth Rose

Team #8 – Cassie Mae, Susan Kiley, Stacy Gold

Team #9 – Marilyn Peake, Carrie Pulkinen, Karen Michelle Nutt

Team #10 – Brianna Hale, Ellen Mint, Allyson Lindt

Team #11 – Jacquie Biggar, Blake Andrews, Betty Shreffler

Team #12 – Tena Stetler, Anna Santos, Meg Ripley

Team #13 – Tracey Cramer-Kelly, Angel Lawson, Theresa Paolo

Team #14 – Kerry Blaisdell, T.J. Quinn, Yumoyori Wilson

Team #15 – Kim Petersen, Stephanie Queen, Dani René

Team #16 – Jordyn LeFay, Elizabeth SaFleur, Sienna Snow

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